About the Site:

Money is not happiness. Everyone who’s anyone will tell you that, but as a half starved college dropout I can tell you first hand that it’s hard to believe. I always am thinking things like “If only I could afford to buy a nice car, I’d be happy. If only I could take a trip to Peru. I’d be happy. If only I could afford some more beer, I’d be happy.” I know, of course, that as soon as I have a nice car, I’ll want a nicer car. If I go to Peru, I’ll then want to go to Egypt. And if I had more beer, I’d drink more beer, obtain a beer gut and lose the happiness that came from having beer.

So then what, what would make me happy? Well, altruism always works. I enjoy helping other people, using skills that I have in order to brighten their day or change their lives. I could buy beer for other people… But I don’t have any money. There’s the evil M word again. I could do a lot for people if I could make more money, since all my time is taken up by my job.

“Hey man, could you help me put new brakes on my jeep?”

“No, sorry dude. I gotta work”

Read some self help books. Talked to influential people. Do something tangible, something you can be proud of. I’ve worked construction for 3 years now. I make beautiful staircases and doors that are worth more money than I make in a year. But I make these things for my boss, by my bosses orders. It’s not mine, and yes, I enjoy saying “See that house, I built that” but at the same time it isn’t mine. I didn’t design it, I only built it from plans. I’d like to design and build for myself, but that takes money. Instead, I started this Website. It’s mine, I design it and I chose what goes on it. Take that Money, you can’t control what I write.

David Wong, who is like the God of internet writings (and real writings, he’s the author of the book John Dies at the End), was my primary inspiration for this site.  I was also heavily influenced by Hyperbole and a Half (who’s creator makes a living off her awesome blog) and the Art of Manliness, which offers stunning advice for everyone.

About the Name:

Rambling: A long meandering talk with no specific topic or direction

Mutt: A dog of mixed breed

So rambling fits in pretty well. Thats what this site is for, my rambling rants on the state of the universe and why we really are all mad here. I might stretch the meaning a little, since I’m sure I will have topics from time to time. But the long and meandering part will fit in great.

As for Mutt? Well, it’s just how I kinda consider myself. Nothing all that special, pretty down to earth and fascinated by chasing squirrels. I think it also comes from the fact that I always got along better with dogs than people. Many people are dishonest, looking out for only themselves or just plain mean. A dog just wants you to throw the ball and scratch it’s ears. I’m like, “thats what I want. Someone to scratch my ears. I don’t wanna worry about how a person pretending to be my friend is going to stab me in the back after I help them with something.” Yah, I know. People suck. Not to say that an individual person isn’t pretty cool. I know a lot of awesome people whom I am proud to call my friend, or my coworker or my family. Just as a whole, y’know, people suck.

About Mutt, The Creator of this Site

Who am I? Mostly just some carpenter hailing from Wine Country, California. I’m a jack of all trades, I love learning new things and never doing the same thing over and over again. I have supported myself making wine, fixing cars and tractors, fixing computers, teaching internetworking, drafting, framing, pouring concrete, drywalling, flooring, building doors and windows, designing, selling wine, and for a brief period driving packages back and forth between two jobsites. I liked to think that I was drug running, as apposed to delivering boring forms and tools. The problem is that there isn’t much use for a person like me in today’s society. People want specialization, the most efficient person that they can have. Nobody cares that I can give a speech, or that I know how to build a radio from scratch, they only wish that I would build that cabinet faster.  So I turn to writing in my spare time, one of the few areas left that actually rewards learning.

About Baron Samoyed

I’m a hack writer from all over the place, most recently the Inland Empire, but now getting my Master’s in Seattle. I am to knowledges as Mutt is to skills: I know some chemistry, astronomy, geology, economics, blah, blah, blah so on and so forth. I don’t know enough of anything to actually be useful at it, but I get most of my work being a translator for a scientist or lawyer to regular people. Doesn’t pay very well but at least I’ve never hated my job. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing with my pets, and getting way too worked up over things.


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