The Return of Baron Samoyed

When I started this project, I knew from the beginning that this blog would have an occasional guest post. Especially after my friends told me that they wanted to write things but didn’t have a place to. The fallowing is not one of those people, but rather someone who Ive known forever and who first introduced me to my writing hero David Wong. So when I told him that I was starting a writing project, he said “Oh, I’ll write articles with you. I am a professional writer after all.” So without further adieu:

Hello all, I’m Mutt’s co-blogger, the pseudonymous Baron Samoyed. I have a black belt in haiku and a black vest at the cleaners, and my diet is deficient in moral fiber.

More seriously though, I’m a friend of our head blogger here, and a writer by vocation. I didn’t actually want to write growing up, but pretty much moments after I graduated college I was politely informed that no one else was hiring. Considering this was less than a year ago you can understand why I’m still a little sore over the whole thing. I’m staying pseudonymous because I’d like to protect what little dignity my work persona has, and the only way I’ll ever be able to tell you about the time I was in Tucson, Arizona at the height of summer and drank nothing but vodka for three straight days and began hallucinating I was being attacked by giant beetles except about 15% of the beetles were actually real and so forth, is by pretending that my real name will not someday get attached to this. It’s a fragile illusion, I know, but do it for the beetles.

As for what I can tell you about me, I’m mostly your average nerd, except I was raised by military parents outside the US for many years, and so didn’t get a computer until I was a sophomore in high school. As a result most videogames, American TV shows, nerd pop culture, and spelling “travelling” with only a single L are things I’ve never quite gotten used to. I like to think my knowledge of medicinal and edible plants, large collection f 60′s-80′s science fiction, and my proud habit of overthinking everything make up for it. I enjoy videogames but even the ones I like I tend to pick apart in a frenzy of disgust (see “overthinking” above), and the ones I dislike I can howl about for hours.

I’ve never blogged before so I don’t want to make any crazy claims of consistency or sanity in my posts, especially since my day job gets first dibs on both. Still, I’ll try and hang around and help Mutt move in, and I hope to see you around.


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